home theater subwoofer

10-inch and 8-inch Subwoofers

If you’re assembling a home theater, plan on including a subwoofer. Subwoofers are a crucial part of the home theater experience. The subwoofer provides the bass making the entire soundtrack feel larger, fuller, and more realistic; it gives special effects like thunder or explosions with a window-rattling punch, sound you can actually feel.

RBH MS-8.1 Subwoofer

Not content to just design an ordinary 8-inch subwoofer to accompany the rest of the CT speakers, we decided to take it to the next level and create a subwoofer that has more output capability than a subwoofer paired with a “mini” system should be allowed to have! The MS-8.1 features not one, but two 8-inch aluminum drivers and an internal 200-watt amplifier. This little powerhouse delivers impressive bass down to 35-Hertz!

RBH MS-8.1 Subwoofer

RBH MS-10.1 Subwoofer

Featuring dual 10-inch aluminum cone subwoofers, a 250 Watt amplifier and RBH’s exclusive Tuned Aperiodic Vent technology, the MS-10.1 is capable of remarkable bass output given its compact size. With bass extension below 30Hz, the MS-10.1’s performance is on par with much larger subwoofers. Look no further if a compact, full featured, high performance subwoofer is what you’re looking for.

Home Theatre Subwoofer


Subwoofers are a wonderful addition to any music system and a necessity for home theater systems. The MCS-88 provides the essential low frequencies needed to thoroughly enjoy your favorite album or movie without sacrificing critical floor space. The MCS-88 utilizes the wall’s internal space as its enclosure, and the dual aluminum cone 8-inch woofers add intense bass enjoyment to your home theater. The MCS-88P includes an RBH SA-200 component-style subwoofer amplifier.

MCS-88 In-Wall Subwoofer


The MC Series boldly combines high quality components, great looks, value, and most importantly, incredible sound. Lean in stature, but not in performance, the TS-10AP round out an MC Series theater system with deep, authoritative bass, adding realism to the home theater experience. The the TS-10AP powers the 10-inch aluminum cone driver with an internal, 200 Watt amplifier loaded with features.

TS-10AP Subwoofer
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