DSC Alarm Systems, Your Security Provider

DSC Alarm System is a trusted brand that has been securing homes, and commercial properties since 1979. Which makes the trusted professionals at Best Built-In stand tall and proud behind DSC Alarm System as an authorized dealer to the lower mainland. Known well for their history of innovation, DSC Alarm continues to innovate in the areas of superior security monitoring. They are more recognized as innovative manufacturers of home security systems ranging from revolutionary control panels to IP alarm monitoring products and self-contained wireless panels.

Affordable, Flexible, Reliable

DSC Home Alarm’s are affordable, flexible, reliable alarm systems for home or business use.  No matter  how small or big. Superior monitoring angles. DSC Security is a local Canadian company and has been the choice of professional installers for decades.  DSC offers a wide range of systems with support for wired sensors, wireless or hybrid systems to fit any installation requirement.

DSC Security System is a trusted professional brand suitable for home or business use.  DSC Alarm System kits are available in three different options. Depending on your particular installation needs:

  • Hardwired only- You need only wired sensors and do not want a keychain remote
  • Hybrid hardwired and wireless, you need both wired & wireless sensors and/or want a keychain remote
  • Fully Wireless- you can’t run any wires for sensors and/or keypad.

Product support, even after you purchase

If  you need help picking a system or putting together the pieces, we offer free advice and more importantly we will be here for you after your purchase. DSC Home Security only offers technical support to professional installers and dealers for DSC Alarm Trouble, so it’s critical that you purchase your DSC equipment from an authorized seller who offers technical support and will facilitate product warranty if needed.

DSC Power Series

Let’s talk DSC Power Series, a hardwired system with the simplicity of a wide range of wireless devices and peripherals, resulting in a ground-breaking comprehensive system suited for small business structures through to large-scale commercial applications. DSC Power Series offers flexible scalability and a number of expansion opportunities. Power Series redefines intrusion security with an exceptionally flexible platform which utilizes innovative alarm verification solutions such as visual and sequential detection.


DSC Alarm Panel Key Features You Won’t Want to Miss

A typical DSC Security Panel comprises of a DSC control panel, one or more keypads and various sensors and detectors.  Most people switch their outdated looking equipment out with a new DSC system.

A big key feature in DSC System’s is a handy device that allows you to dial your home number from basically anywhere. From there you will enter a security access code for the Escort module.

Once you are secured into the system, a voice menu gives you several options. By following voice prompts and pressing digits on your phone, you can check system and zone status, bypass or un-bypass zones, arm and disarm the system, and much more.

The Escort feature allows you to monitor and control the system remotely, with nothing more complicated than a telephone!

DSC Keypad – Let’s Talk Keypads

Then DSC Keypads has two kinds of LCD keypads, fixed and alphanumeric. The LCD keypads has a digital readout. The fixed keypads only show a limited number of fixed readouts. The alphanumeric gives a much more detailed readout. This not only allows you to create custom zone labels but will also aid in programming by giving a variable alphanumeric readout that will actually tell you the section and any programmed information.

Many of the keypads have the option of having a built-in wireless receiver to easily expand a Power Series panel to be wireless capable. They also have many keypads with a proximity tag reader for added convenience when disarming the system. Additionally, they offer completely wireless keypads for systems that have 2-way wireless capability.

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