Commercial 24 Hour Monitoring

Security Monitoring

  • Leading Home Security System (Standard DSC or Honeywell)
  • 24 / 7 Local monitoring
  • Best Service Guarantee
  • Insurance Certificate

Security Monitoring

  • Leading Home Security System(Standard DSC or Honeywell)
  • 24 / 7 Local monitoring
  • Best Service Guarantee
  • Insurance Certificate

PLUS: FREE SmartPhone Control

  • Arm and Disarm with the BEST App
  • Real time notifications

Security Monitoring

  • Leading Home Security System (Standard DSC or Honeywell)
  • 24 / 7 Local monitoring
  • Best Service Guarantee
  • Insurance Certificate
  • SmartPhone Control

PLUS FREE SmartHome Control Outlet

  • Basic Smart Home Control

The Security of your home and safety of your loved ones is not achieved with a one size fits all option. But a personalized system and service does not have to break the bank. Let us design the system that is right for you and your needs, and will give you convenience, comfort, savings, and most of all, peace of mind. Best’s smart home security systems are more secure, more useful, and more convenient than systems of the past, and thanks to new technology, and a partnership with, you can get better, more comprehensive protection than ever before. Let’s get started on securing your peace of mind:

Commercial Security

BEST Security Monitoring features a leading home security system, 24 hour local monitoring, the Best service in the industry, Peace of Mind, the BEST Guarantee.

New Business Security (New Building or New System)

  • You are moving into a new building under construction or renovation and require a security system


Existing Commercial Security (Existing Property or Existing System)

  • You have an existing property to which you would like to add Commercial Security
  • You have an existing system that you would like to update or just start using

Fire or Smoke Detector Monitoring

BEST Security Fire Monitoring features a leading Commercial Security System and our Peace-of-Mind Monitoring and Service Guarantee while providing you with an additional layer of protection by monitoring for fire.

ULC Fire Monitoring

  • Usually required for Commercial Properties with an automatic sprinkler system and a two stage fire alarm system
  • Requirement for most multi-unit residential buildings
  • Save time and money when combining our fire and alarm monitoring services

Smoke Detector Monitoring

You Would Like to Monitor Existing High Voltage Inter-Connected Smoke Detectors

  • Professional Monitoring and Emergency Response
  • No need to add additional detectors
  • Can be Monitored for reactivity to Smoke and Carbon Monoxide
  • Not Controlled by the Security System—false alarms are the responsibility of the owner, and no back up power if the power on the site is not functioning


You Would Like to add BEST Low Voltage or Wireless Smoke Detectors

  • Professional Monitoring and Emergency Response
  • New (Low Voltage) or Existing (Wireless)
  • Controlled by the Security System—fewer false alarms and powered by the back up battery, even when the site has no power
  • Covered by BEST’s Peace-of-Mind Guarantee

Smart Security Control

BEST Essentials Security Monitoring features a leading home security system and the BEST Guarantee, as well as smart control of your alarm system

Remote Arming and Disarming

  • Arm or disarm your system with a user friendly mobile app
  • No land-line phone required
  • Set up real time alerts of your choosing while the alarm is armed or disarmed, and still receive 24/7, Peace-of-Mind, AAA rated security monitoring

Remote Lock and Unlock

  • Remotely lock or unlock doors or check the door status anytime, from any where
  • Create individual lock codes and program alerts to know when a door has been unlocked
  • Create rules to have your locks respond to the status of the alarm system

Smart Environmental Management

BEST Environmental Monitoring features a leading commercial security system and our Peace-of-Mind Security Monitoring and Service Guarantee while providing you with an additional layer of protection to help reduce costly and potentially dangerous damage caused by temperature, flood, or leaks. Water damage is the number one insurance claim in North America—save yourself the hassle and the costly repairs, and potentially save on insurance costs by monitoring appliances and plumbing for leaks or flood.

Power Outage Alarms

  • Receive an alert when the power is out at your business
  • Monitor fridges and freezers to avoid costly damages if these devices lose power
  • Make sure that property is safe from damages due to frozen pipes

Water Sensors

  • Leaks lead to thousands of dollars in damage and insurance claims
  • Monitor appliances or pipes for leaks and catch problems when they start
  • Wired or Wireless solutions are available

Smart Water Solution

  • A burst water pipe can cause thousands of dollars in damage if it is not dealt with immediately
  • Receive alerts when pressure in the water system drops
  • Shut of your water supply automatically, or through the app when you are not present

Smart Energy Management

Upgrade your security monitoring to be able to take control of your energy consumption without compromising comfort.

Thermostat Control

  • Set your thermostat to automatically raise or lower the temperature based on your business hours
  • Have your thermostat learn your activity pattern and adjust accordingly
  • Use the mobile app to adjust the thermostat and receive alerts


  • Schedule lights to automatically turn on and off at certain times
  • Have the alarm trigger the lights to turn on or off when it is armed or disarmed or when it goes into alarm
  • Use the mobile app to remotely turn your lights on or off when you choose

Energy Monitoring

  • Monitor your energy use and costs to identify saving opportunities
  • Create schedules to most effectively monitor energy consumption and savings

Smart Video Solutions

Connect affordable, professionally installed and supported video monitoring technology in your home and take advantage of advanced security features and the latest smart technology so that you can verify alarms, see who is at your front door and always stay connected AND protected.


Live Smart Video Viewing

  • Use the mobile app to watch live video or recorded clips which are stored in an off site server
  • Receive video alerts through the mobile app
  • Set up smart capture to use triggers to record only that which you care about

Image Capture

  • Capture motion activated images during system alarm events and receive text or email alerts when images are captured
  • “Peek-In” by requesting system images on demand
  • Create Rules to upload and send motion activated images captured during a specific time period.

Smart Front Doorbell Camera

  • Integrates into your BEST Smart Home Security System
  • See who is at the front door whether you are home or not
  • Use two-way audio and unlock the door’s smart lock from the mobile app
  • Record and send motion detected or doorbell activated clips to your phone
  • Use the in-board motion sensor to trigger lighting to deter potential intruders

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