Beam Central Vacuums

Best Built-In Has The Best Selection of Beam Central Vacuums

Your home is the where your life happens.  It is where you laugh, cry, make memories with your family and friends.  It is also where food crumbs fall, muddy shoes walk, drinks spill, your dog sheds and dust and allergens rest; your home needs vacuuming, often.

Anyone who has ever vacuumed, knows the hassle of dragging the standard vacuum around your home.  It involves heavy lifting up the stairs – making sure you don’t drop your vacuum. Then, you go down the stairs, trying to make getting into that little corner a mission possible.  And by the time you think you are done, you turn around – and there’s dust right there behind you, laying on the floor and laughing at you.  All of this happens for one reason:  you don’t have a central vacuum.

With a central vacuum, you just carry a lightweight vacuum hose and a wand with a vacuum cleaning head. When you vacuum, dust and debris travel through the hose into a pipeline of PVC tubing. That pipeline runs through house walls, floors, or attic to a large power unit/dirt-collection canister typically mounted in an out-of-the-way place such as the basement, garage, or utility room.

For over 20 years, Best Built-In has gained expertise and trust of thousands of clients, providing the largest selection of Beam central vacuums.  All our customers agree:  Beam central vacuums are fantastic. Whether you are installing a brand new one or just need central vacuum parts, we have it all.  Visit one of our three locations or give us a call and our experts will be happy to match you with the perfect Beam central vacuum system or provide any technical support.

Why A Beam Central Vacuum System

Beam has been a leader in central vacuum technology and production for over 60 years and their products are sold in over 50 countries worldwide.  If that is not enough of a reason to choose a Beam central vacuum, here are additional ones:

  • Beam central vacuum system cleans thoroughly
  • Cleaning with a Beam central vacuum is easy
  • Beam central vacuums operate very quietly
  • Beam central vacuums have a built-In convenience

While you may think that all vacuums clean thoroughly, you are mistaken.  With standard vacuums, dust and allergens are just recycled and as you clean, particles floating in the air just fall back on the ground.  With a Beam central vacuum, this never happens.  The suction is powerful and designed to remove all dirt, dust, allergens and other debris.  Unlike the standard vacuum, Beam central vacuums do not retain the dust in the canister.  The canisters are usually located in the garage, so the hose that picks up all the dirt transports it directly outside of your home so there are no irritants left inside of your living space.


Beam central vacuums are lightweight and have versatile convenience and durability.  Vacuuming with a Beam central vacuum is as fun as the housekeeping gets:  no weight-lifting exercises or obstacle courses you feel you are doing when vacuuming with a standard vacuum. You just pull out the central vacuum hose and easily move to different levels and corners.  The average portable vacuum weighs 15 lbs. while a Beam hose & handle is only 7 lbs.  Enough said.


Beam central vacuum systems are quieter than most household sounds. That means that you can rest assured your baby will sleep uninterruptedly while you vacuum, and you’ll still be able to hear your TV or your phone.  Vacuuming with Beam central vacuum enables you to clean your home without disturbing the peace since the motor is located away from the living area. However, just like the standard vacuums, Beam central vacuum also comes with numerous convenient cleaning tools on board, so you always have the right tool for the job.  You can take advantage of a variety of accessories available for flooring and dusting, such as upholstery brushes and numerous others.

Best Built-In Is Your #1 Choice For Beam Central Vacuums

If you would like to be able to vacuum your house quickly and quietly, without dragging around a vacuum cleaner, consider installing a built-in central vacuum system. Consult one of the Best Built-In experts and rest assured we will give you our recommendation and any technical support you may need.  We have over 20 years of experience for Beam central vacuum systems and thousands of happy clients.

Our 3 convenient retail locations carry a large selection of Beam central vacuums.  Feel free to call or visit us, ask questions and see the products, we will be happy to help! Clean, free of allergens home is only a quick visit or a phone call away.