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Best Built-In Smart Home Solutions

Premium Whole-House Automation and Control

The dream of controlling all of the entertainment, connected systems, and smart home devices throughout your home with just one touch is now a reality. Best Built-In is the right choice to create an incredibly powerful whole-house automation and control system.

Smart Living

Best Built-In Smart Home solutions seamlessly integrate your home theater, music, lighting, door locks, thermostats, surveillance cameras and more into a robust, and user-friendly system.

Customization options simplify common activities with effortless one-touch control. Automated activities save time and make everyday tasks more convenient.

Best Built-In Smart Home solutions
smart home control devices

Premium Control Devices

Best Built-In provides Smart Home solutions that are attractive and easy to operate for all family members.

Elegant tabletop touchscreen controllers, in-wall touchscreens, handheld remotes and keypads combine to deliver premium smart home control. Mobile apps and voice control further elevate the experience.

Real-Time Video Intercom

Talk to people in other rooms or at your front door using built-in cameras and microphones on tabletop controllers and in-wall touchscreens.

Real-Time Video Intercom
Smart home live camera view

Live Camera View

With Best Built-In Smart Home, you can view live video from your integrated surveillance cameras on tabletop controllers, in-wall touchscreens, handheld remotes and even your Smart Phone with customizable mobile apps.

A Truly Personalized Solution

Best Built-In Centre professionally designs, programs and installs your total Smart Home, assuring unsurpassed performance and intuitive control from morning to night.

Onscreen menus and graphics can be customized with images of your rooms, family, pets, and interests. Imagine seeing your vacation photos on your touchscreens or images of your favorite teams and sports cars on your remote controls! It’s all possible with Best Built-In Smart Home solutions!

customized and personalized smart home solutions

Over the past 25 years, Best Built-In Centre has provided the very best in Home Improvement solutions. We are committed to creating new and innovative Smart Home solutions that elevate people’s daily lives in meaningful and powerful ways – at home, at work, and at play.

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